Stepan Safaryan: ‘Let them dismiss Prime Minister for spreading disinformation’

Stepan Safaryan: ‘Let them dismiss Prime Minister for spreading disinformation’

“Let them dismiss the Prime Minister for spreading disinformation,” said Stepan Safaryan, a nominated candidate for the parliament on the list of “Free Democrats” at the “Hodvats 3″ club during the discussion on “Security, Army and Corruption”.  Recall that after the Prime Minister’s famous and scandalous statement about mixing kerosene to diesel, the Defense Ministry announced that no kerosene is mixed with diesel, and they purchase high-quality fuel with public procurements.  “They may purchase high-quality fuel with public procurements but in the meantime, it is becoming low-quality,” noted the ARF ARsscandidate Arthur Yeghiazaryan.

Summarizing the approaches of other speakers about the security issues, the candidate of “ANC-PPA” list Aram Manukyan said, “Our political mind is sick with bragging and primitivism.  This disease is not leaving us.  We do not have the courage to look at the reality and draw conclusions.”  He assures that the ANC’s proposal puts Azerbaijan in a bad shape, “Tomorrow, we are going to face more dangers.  Leave the pre-election logic behind”.  Stepan Safaryan added, “In this situation when Azerbaijan is becoming more cynical day by day, I cannot count on any international, peacekeeping force.”

In his understanding, Armenia must definitely refuse the option which is offered: the Lavrov plan, and this does not mean to come out of the negotiations.  “The only thing that I have accepted from this government was when they said after the April war, what negotiations if Azerbaijan is behaving itself accordingly.  Now, it turns out there is a negotiation, why should I agree?”

СМИ обязаны цитировать материалы с гиперссылкой на конкретный материал цитирования. Гиперссылка должна быть размещена в первом абзаце текста.

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