‘If they do not make a room for us, we will take it:’ Heghine Bisharyan

‘If they do not make a room for us, we will take it:’ Heghine Bisharyan

Heghine Bisharyan, “Armenian Renaissance” (ARP) party Deputy Head, today during her meeting with women, wished them happy women’s day and urged them to enter the political arena. “As a person, who has always been in the political struggle, I urge all women to be strong and determined. Trust me, consistent work in politics can easily make a room for women.
The women of ARP party women are just like that. Our army is big. We will be standing next to politically literate politician Arthur Baghdasarian”,- said Mrs. Bisharyan.
According to her, decades ago laws addressing women’s issues were passed due to their efforts.
Heghine Bisharyan said that the draft about Mothers of large families set into circulation is a real battle with the government.
“Of course, our government never has money, has always rejected these initiatives, because focused highlighted financial support is required, but we managed to implement the law about Gender equality in the political arena. Now the government needs sustainability to implement it because 50-60% of women in Armenia are literate, educated, have a great potential, but that potential is untapped in the state administration.
Women should be in places where there’s a high level of corruption because I’m sure that women can definitely maintain the same level of transparency and cleanliness in politics as they do in their homes.
If they do not make a room for us, we will take it. So fight for your rights. enter every home and talk to every woman.

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