‘Problems must be smoothed:’ Seyran Ohanyan visits injured residents of Jrarat

 ‘Problems must be smoothed:’ Seyran Ohanyan visits injured residents of Jrarat

ORO alliance members visited the “Erebuni” hospital to support the followers of their Alliance who had suffered from the incidents in Jrarat.  After the visit, Seyran Ohanyan told the reporters that he had not asked any question about the incidents and was only interested in their health.

He said that now the aggrieved are under the supervision of the law enforcements.  Seyran Ohanyan noted that he has met with Levon Yeranosyan only on the first day of the incident, “The problems must be smoothed and respective proceeding must be given within the framework of the current laws.”  Seyran Ohanyan visited the hospital with Vartan Oskanian, Elinar Vardanyan and lawyer Karen Mezhlumyan.  Later on, Mr. Mezhlumyan told us that he had not visited the hospital together with ORO alliance but had met with Seyran Ohanyan right in the hospital.  He said that he is the lawyer of ROA supporters.

Former 3 ministers founded ORO Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian alliance: Seyran Ohanyan former Defense Minister and former Foreign Affair Ministers Raffi Hovhannisyan and Vartan Oskanian. The alliance is going to participate in parliamentary elections scheduled for April 2.

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