Details from Vahan Karapetyan-Arman Sahakyan brawl

Details from Vahan Karapetyan-Arman Sahakyan brawl

As reported by, the quarrel which later turned into a brawl began between the RPA party-nominated candidate, an NA Speaker Galust Sahakyan’s son Arman Sahakyan’s teammates and the “Tsarukyan” Alliance nominated candidate Vahan Karapetyan (owner of the “Cherry” restaurant complex).  Vahan Karapetyan and 4 more people from his teammates received various types of injuries.  There are also aggrieved from Arman Sahakyan’s teammates.

Everything started when formerly Vahan Karapetyan’s teammate and friend is now working in the team of Arman Sahakyan and will gain votes in the coming elections for Arman Sahakyan.  The latter, according to our information, has “abused” the past relations, now trying to involve some supporters of Vahan Karapetyan in Arman Sahakyan’s team.  Vahan Karapetyan and his loyal “comrades-in-arms” talked to this young man and warned him not to go beyond the limits.

The conversation grew into a backchat and then brawling.  In the evening, they continued arguing near the “Arax” store located on Leningradyan Street which grew into a serious fight.  According to our sources, Arman Sahakyan was not present at the quarrel, and Vahan Karapetyan had received minor injuries.  An eyewitness told that Vahan Karapetyan had taken his child to school in the morning. tried to get hold of Vahan Karapetyan and Arman Sahakyan.  Their phones were turned off.  The “Tsarukyan” alliance informed us that soon they will come up with an official statement on this.


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