Turning ‘bread bringer’s’ death subject for political speculations is immorality’

Turning ‘bread bringer’s’ death subject for political speculations is immorality’

At the “Hodvats 3” press club, a number of politicians were speaking about “bread bringer” Arthur Sargsyan, who brought food to the “Sasna Tsrer” group attacking the Police Patrol Regiment.  Arthur Sargsyan passed away on March 16.

Vice President of the ANC, Levon Zurabyan, expressed his opinion that regardless of his political views, his deed was conditioned by humanitarian approaches, “The persecution against him was not justified.  It’s a stigma for the government.  For us, he was a fair, honest, following principles and a brave man.”  The Head of Hovhannes Tumanyan Puppet Theater, artistic director Ruben Babayan expressed confidence that the “bread provider” left an important message: “we are our masters,”  “If we forget this behest, we will forget the bread provider… For the first time, we saw a real hunger strike.  Turning his death a subject of political speculations is immorality.”

As observed by ethnographer Hranush Kharatyan, what happened to Arthur Sargsyan showed that the authorities jeopardize everyone.  The Head of “Modus Vivendi” Center, political scientist Ara Papian mentioned that the authorities are afraid of people like Arthur Sargsyan, “His death shows that the pretrial detention should be eliminated and be used only in exceptional cases.”

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