“They think Tsarukyan is a god”

“They think Tsarukyan is a god”

The members of “Tsarukyan” alliance ensure that people don’t have another lifebuoy and that’s why they are “kneeling” in front of Tsarukyan.

Yesterday during his meeting with journalists, a former deputy, now nominated by “Tsarukyan” alliance Zohrab Zohrabyan said that the citizens don’t know the Constitution, neither do they know the words to our anthem and that we have to teach them that. He said that people should listen to classical music. “The majority doesn’t know the words to our anthem. We educate people, but the majority still doesn’t receive what they should. We want children to study not only here and then fail to pay their tuitions, but also to study in other developed countries and get their education at Harvard for instance.”

We asked him, whether the leader of their alliance Gagik Tsarukyan knows the words to the anthem, whether he listens to classical music and whether he knows the Constitution. He answered, “Of course, every single day, yes, I’m sure he does know.”

For a member of “Tsarukyan” alliance, PA deputy Lyova Khachatryan it is not surprising that a woman was trying to kiss Tsarukyan’s feet in Ashtarak, another one trying to sacrifice a lamb at his feet, another man asking him what to do if he hadn’t been able to have a kid for 7 years. When talking to us, he said: “Those kinds of things are possible, if a person puts his last hope on someone. I wasn’t present, I didn’t see, but everything is possible. People are so desperate, that they look for a lifebuoy and in this case, they have seen it in Tsarukyan.   I think it’s not morally right to fetish it. It’s a too personal expression of a woman’s, a man’s belief, which should be treated humanely. They made people reach that condition and that kind of behavior is the result of it.   Of course, you have to kneel in front of God, you have to kneel in front of your belief, but I don’t know what degree of desperation was that woman in, that she saw the last ray of hope in Tsarukyan. It is natural and quite normal. Here, in our country, there are people who lose their houses,  whose children, grandchildren are hungry, there’s extreme poverty here,  an alarming level of emigration and in this conditions, the oldest of the family, the base of the house, not seeing a way out, expresses such behavior”.

If in regions a man goes up to Tsarukyan and says that he can’t have a child for 7 years, is he a “golden fish” for them?  What can Tsarukyan do in this case?  Lyova Khachatryan answered: “Those are just human behaviors, a shout of their soul. We need psychologists to explain this. But it’s not a human thing to treat those kinds of things with criticism or mocking. Things happen, everything is possible. People really believe, there’s no need to look for any other motivation.”

According to a member of “Yelq”, veteran Sasun Mikaelyan if a person kneels in front of Tsarukyan, or wants to kiss his feet, then it comes from the authorities. “Imagine what kind of situation has the authorities put those people into, that when someone does a charity, they think they are god. But people should understand that they are a citizen of this country and they have the right to live. If there are forces and people who are super wealthy, it doesn’t mean that you should take them for God. It comes from the authorities.”


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