Three rounds of the incidents

Three rounds of the incidents

I have decided not to write about Arthur Sargsyan for now and leave the field for the party propagandist and inadequate “status posters” on the Facebook. After the elections, I will address the issues of the bread bringer and why he sacrificed himself. Certainly, I support the idea that the sadists working in our law enforcements and punitive system face the court trial.

I want to talk about another “pre-election” issue, which actually is “perpetual” to the so-called incidents. The scheme thereof is as follows: in the beginning, the media is publishing articles with an “attractive” title, such as “Brawling in an X village: the situation is extremely tense.” Then, the political parties and their propagandists come up with pompous statements: we condemn, we will punish, you will see what will happen to you after April 2 and so on. But there is also the third round, the alleged aggrieved or their representatives are saying, “we have already reconciled”, “no incident happened.”

The willingness of the people to reconcile and forgive each other is indeed applauded. Generally, I think that the ideology of “vendetta” in not typical for our culture (Along with many flaws we also have as many virtues, including this one). But the Law should not take into account whether the people have reconciled or not, it does not recognize a pre-election situation, it does not recognize whether you are a RPA or a PAP. The Law should not worry whether you are in-laws, godfather-godchild or “foes”. The Law deals with citizens who have committed or have not committed this-or-that crime. And there are respective Articles for certain deeds.

“Kneeling” a person under the threat is an Article, breaking the hand by the crowbar is an Article, shooting in the leg with a machine gun is also an Article. Unless, of course, such a thing has happened. If not, then all those people who have concocted similar stories have presented false treachery, which is also an Article.

I would like for the politicians and commentators as well as ordinary citizens when making judgement about this or that issue had in mind not the “khash” or “blood relation” categories but the fact that they are living in a state whose citizens are free to do anything, except for the actions prohibited by the law.

The participants in the “pre-election incidents” can be “heated” and in a few days “cooled down”. It is normal and human. But anyway, these incidents must be investigated, and those who feel themselves as a “king or God” in their villages or neighborhoods must be judged and imprisoned. Otherwise, the political parties are doing a PR on it for a couple of days and then forget.

СМИ обязаны цитировать материалы с гиперссылкой на конкретный материал цитирования. Гиперссылка должна быть размещена в первом абзаце текста.

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