Eduard Sharmazanov: ‘All Preconditions Are Created for Organization of Transparent Elections’

Eduard Sharmazanov: ‘All Preconditions Are Created for Organization of Transparent Elections’

On March 16, the Deputy Speaker of the RA National Assembly received the delegation led by the Deputy Chairman of the CIS Executive Committee Viktor Guminsky, who visited our country to implement long-term and short-term observation mission during the parliamentary elections.

Eduard Sharmazanov presented to the guests the processes of harmonization of the legislation after the reforms, particularly the phases of the debate and adoption of the new Electoral Code. The NA Deputy Speaker assured that the Electoral Code was adopted as a result of mutual consent of the power and opposition.

Mr Sharmazanov has documented that our country had chosen the path of the parliamentary system of government and on that path especially highlighted the work done by the observation mission and the given unbiased assessments. In that context the NA Deputy Speaker particularly underlined the CIS observers’ role.

Mr Sharmazanov emphasized the organization of the elections in harmony with the democratic standards and added: “All preconditions are created for the organization of transparent elections: political and civil will, new Electoral Code and new Constitution. In the implementation of pre-election campaign equal conditions are also created for all political forces.”

Viktor Guminsky in his turn has noted that their main goal is to preserve political neutrality. He has opined that the amendments in the Electoral Code are revolutionary and democratic. Mr Guminsky presented in detail the purpose of their mission and the steps to be taken in future.

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