‘ARF is 127 years old while some of the competing forces are established 2-3 months ago:’ Bagrat Yesayan

‘ARF is 127 years old while some of the competing forces are established 2-3 months ago:’ Bagrat Yesayan

“There are no closed doors for me in the healthcare sector but recently I have realized that based on the situation in the country you should not look at the incidents from aside but be a participant,” announced Levon Grigoryan, an ARF (Armenian Revolutionary Federation) member, Director of the “Grigor Narekatsi” Medical Center, during the meeting with the electorates.

He was nominated by the ARF rating list for the Erebuni and Shengavit administrative district.  He expressed a concern that now the patient is afraid of the doctor and the doctor is afraid of the patient.  Talking about the ARF party program, Arthur Grigoryan assured that the ARF has attached great importance to the health sector in its pre-election program, especially to the state insurance system, “In the case when people would not be able to take care of their health, the state must support them, and this is a common practice worldwide.  In such conditions, both the patient and the doctor will be satisfied.”

Mr. Grigoryan raised the issue of immigration in the field of healthcare, “The best specialists are leaving the country.  First, this problem must be resolved, to create such conditions that the young specialists will not leave the country.”  ARF candidate Bagrat Yesayan reminded that Dashnaktsutyun is 127 years old, and for comparison, he noted that some of the competing forces with ARF are established 2-3 months ago, “There are alliances established which are not clear which direction they will go, one of the representatives says to go in the direction of Russia, the other says to the Europe.

“Our political party, both as individuals and as an ARF party has been steadfast and stable for which we have the right to say to vote for the ARF.  We are not ashamed of our past, we do not want to change our face and with enrolling new faces to say, look what new and beautiful faces we have enrolled, vote for them.  No, we are steadfast, and say the same thing both to the opposition and the government.”  In the end of his speech, Mr. Yesayan called on voters to vote on April 2 by their conscience rather than to sell the vote.

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