‘The energy issue is twice important in Armenia:’ Gagik Makaryan

 ‘The energy issue is twice important in Armenia:’ Gagik Makaryan

“The energy issue is twice as important in Armenia,” said Gagik Makaryan, the Chairman of the “Union of Employers of Armenia”, during the press conference at the “Blitz Info” Press Club, referring to tariffs of gas and electricity after the elections.  In his opinion, this has two reasons.  The first is that the burden of the social situation in our country is high: a poor state, unemployment, in other words, the burden of energy carriers is important for these families.  “If we raise the price for energy carriers, we restrict the people’s everyday life, we force them to turn on the light in one place and not to cook on the gas-stove because of the savings.”

In the opinion of Mr. Makaryan, if we consider this issue from the economic aspect, the citizens are having savings thanks to the energy carriers.  They can spend this money on other purposes which will enter into the economy, while from the business aspect, minor price markdowns are not significant.  According to the speaker, the best source for price markdowns of all energy carriers is the increase of the efficiency of the system.  For example, if there are water losses, water pipes must be changed, while in the electricity networks need a change in the wiring system.  The same implied to the gas.  “These systems are enigmatic systems.  We are talking about this problem for years but we have no clue exactly what is going on inside these systems, and the best way is the increase of the efficiency,” said Gagik Makaryan.




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