Richard Clayderman: ‘Hope to play your country’s music next time’

Richard Clayderman: ‘Hope to play your country’s music next time’

Renowned French pianist is in Armenia for the second time.  His press conference was held on March 17.  The journalists were told that new pieces of works will be performed in the upcoming concert which will be different from the previous repertoire.  Popular works will be performed during the concert.  The release of the “Ballad for Adeline” CD written by Paul de Senneville made Clayderman famous worldwide, it was sold in more than 30 countries by 22 mln copies.  “I started from the classical music and the transition to a popular music was very natural.  The composer wrote this piece of work about his daughter Adelina who now has her own children,” says the pianist.

Clayderman has recorded more than 1300 melodies, created a new repertoire by combining classical and pop music.  The pianist has been mentioned in the Guinness World Records as “the most successful pianist in the world.”  “The music is the love which keeps me in this business for 38 years.  I thank you all for the love you have for me and the music.  Hopefully, next time I will perform the music of your country,” promised the world-famous musician.  The concert will take place on March 18 at the K. Demirchyan Sports and Music Complex.


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