‘Tsarukyan fighting for RPA not to be reproduced:’ Ararat Zurabyan

‘Tsarukyan fighting for RPA not to be reproduced:’ Ararat Zurabyan

“Today, the country president’s position is such that I think it would not be particularly important who would hold this office because it is going to be a mere representation position,” said the member of the “Tsarukyan” Alliance, Ararat Zurabyan, at the “Hayatsk” club, in response to the question of who will be your candidate for the president.

And as to who will be the candidate for the prime minister, he said that this has not yet been discussed, so he cannot say anything about it.  He said that it is not mandatory that the candidate for the prime minister or the presidential candidate is the head of the alliance.  It should be decided by the team.

Ararat Zurabyan assured that the “Tsarukyan” alliance will win in the elections. To the question of the reporters that he is in the political for so many years, so what makes him to believe that the RPA can so easily yield the power to him and Gagik Tsarukyan, in 2008 when there was no so much need for PAP, they merged and formed a coalition, drank a champagne together, so in this case, what chains he is freed that he is sure about it, Ararat Zurabyan replied, “Recall the year of 2008, recall also the year of 2012.  Recall that the same Gagik Tsarukyan made serious offers to be a part of the government and form a coalition, to obtain a great package of the part of the power and he refused.  He was fighting for the RPA not to be reproduced.”

According to Ararat Zurabyan, the RPA is not so simple structure to easily yield the power to anyone but we must bear in mind that everything in this world that has a beginning has an end too.  He said that if the society does not rejoice with RPA, hence if real elections are held, the RPA will yield its place.


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