Styopa Safaryan communicated with electorates in bus, in park and chats

Styopa Safaryan communicated with electorates in bus, in park and chats

The election campaign of the “Free Democrats” kicked off in Nor Nork administrative district.  The candidates had direct communications with the residents and have distributed their campaign leaflets to them. 


“I met a lot of supporters, I heard encouraging words.  A large number of people did not hide the fact that they are going to vote for me in the No.1 constituency.  I had interesting discussions,” said the parliamentary candidate of the “FreeDemocrats” party, political scientist Styopa Safaryan, in the interview with  He noted that he has also met with people who are “indignant with this world”, “But, in general, I am satisfied with the communications.  People are longing to communicate with the politicians, share ideas … I believe that we will duly present to interests of our constituents in the Parliament.”

Styopa Safaryan communicated with the electorates in the bus, in the park, in the yards, chat, shook hands with the taxi driver and talked to a man who crossed the street but seeing him returned.  Recall that the Free Democrats Party candidates in the No. 1 constituency are Styopa Safaryan, Bocholyan Hripsime, Avetisyan Hovsep, Urutyan Ruben, Misakyan Sona, and Bejanyan Sargis.

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