Clash in Ashnak village between RPA and ARF members

Clash in Ashnak village between RPA and ARF members

Recently, one more pre-election incidents have been reported from Ashnak village, Aragatsotn marz, indirect participation of RPA supporters.

As reported by, the son of the former chief of the regional police department, Tavros Sapeyan who is RPA candidate Nairi Sahakyan’s friend, with a group of his teammate young people has “seized” the village center for already a few days.

As presented by one of the locals, the young people were drunk and were controlling the movement in the village almost every day by hampering the campaign of all political forces and those nominated by the rating procedure from the Marz, except for the campaign if Nairi Sahakyan, the brother of former Aragatsotn governor Sargis Sahakyan.  Tavros Sapeyan has even announced, “I donate the village to Nairi.”

And newly, during the ARF party’s campaign, “Tavros-supporters”, again drunk, have hampered the access of ARF to the village which resulted in a brawling between them and the villagers who had come to attend the ARF party’s campaign.  In the evening of the same day, the group of the same young people have also destroyed the campaign of the rating candidate of the “Tsarukyan” alliance, Khachik Manukyan, and threatened that this would happen to anybody.  Until recently, Ashnak has always been considered the home of dissent which is known for its strong Armenian traditions and heroes.  Meanwhile, as mentioned by our interlocutor, today the village has become a “dukhan Tavros’s and Nairi’s father.”


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