RPA again concealing

RPA again concealing

Aravot.am reported that lately the next pre-election clash was reported in the village of Ashnak, Aragatsotn region, between RPA and ARF members.  The son of the former chief of the regional police department, Tavros Sapeyan who is RPA candidate Nairi Sahakyan’s close friend, with a group of young people supporting him is hampering the campaign in the village for several days organized by the political parties and candidates nominated by the rating procedure.  A while ago, in a conversation with us, Ashnak village mayor, an RPA member Khachik Tonoyan, assured that there is no pre-election tense situation in the village.

Moreover, the village mayor said that they accept all candidates, “The ARF came, I provided them a meeting hall for free, they organized their campaign and left.  No clashes have happened between the RPA and the ARF.”  To the question of whether Khachik Manukyan’s campaign who is nominated by the “Tsarukyan” Alliance by the rating procedure was not hampered too, our interlocutor replied, “Khachik Manukyan’s campaign… they was no one to accept him.  I was not in the office, to be honest, I have information that there was nobody to accept him.  They have not even got out of the car.”

Pertaining to Nairi Sahakyan’s friend Tavros Sapeyan nominated by the rating procedure, the RPA village mayor said, “You may ask everybody what kind of man is Tavros.  He is an honored and respected person by all of us.  There is no such a thing, he does not deal with the drunkards.”  To the question that there is information that during the clash between the RPA and ARF, the village mayor was also beaten, our interlocutor was silent for a minute and then said, “It is a slander.”

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