‘Seyran Ohanyan a national hero until few months ago:’ Armen Martirosyan

‘Seyran Ohanyan a national hero until few months ago:’ Armen Martirosyan

“Vartan Oskanian, Seyran Ohanyan and Raffi Hovannisian are matured, people.  For me, any person who had ruled in power is already fallible, but we all are fallible.  At the same time, their activities during their term in the office was positive,” said a candidate of the alliance, Vice-President of the Heritage party, Armen Martirosyan, during the pre-election meeting of the “Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian” Alliance at the Ajapnyak administrative district.

“Seyran Ohanyan was a national hero until a few months ago if not for the black PR of the functionaries.  He was a national hero for all of us, both the government and the opposition, accept that the army was the only established structure.  If necessary, we rely on the army,” said Armen Martirosyan.  Referring to the other leader of the Alliance, Vartan Oskanian, he said, “I have criticized him too but I must admit that he is a diplomat of high class and a good negotiator.  No resolution against Armenia had been adopted during his tenure.”  Raffi Hovannisian, according to Martirosyan, has received a wonderful education like Oskanian, “Both could have a marvelous career of a diplomat in the US but came to Armenia.  In 2003, Hovannisian was fighting together with you and will continue to fight.  He was once an elected president by you.”

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