‘Who sent you?’

‘Who sent you?’

All people can say right or wrong things, there is no mortal who does not make a mistake. In Armenia, however, it is not common to say, “you are mistaken.” As soon as we hear an unpleasant word for our ear, the first question that we ask is, “Tell me, who has sent you?” We can ask this question with a different level of aggressiveness, we can even not raise it but as a rule, we are thinking about it in the first place. The assumptions about “who has sent you”, or in my case, by whose order I am writing can be varied, including exotics. For example, someone has posted a comment on the aravot.am Facebook page that I am writing … by the order of “Lubyanka”, i.e., the headquarters of the Russian KGB. Of course, personally, Felix Edmundovich dictates to me from hereafter.
On the Internet, the first President’s opponents are involved in a serious debate. The debaters were divided into three groups: 1/ Levon is a Zionist, Jewish and Judeo-Masonry agent; 2/ Levon is a Turkish, Turkic, pan-Turkish and Azerbaijani agent; 3/ being an agent of Israel, Turkey and Azerbaijan is essentially the same because their interests coincide by 100 percent. The last group is more “intellectual” and “educated” because it consists entirely of huge geopolitical experts.
Saying your own opinion in the debate seems weak and unconvincing. But to reveal a global plot in which your opponent constitute a part, this already makes your argument indisputable. Therefore, it’s worthless to focus on the original words, importantly, to find the “customer”, the “sender”, and then you may not bring arguments.
And why not to assume that the first President is simply mistaken. Moreover, undermining the people’s factor, he is mistaken not when describing this moment because as of today, Armenians and Azerbaijanis actually are unable to solve the problem of Artsakh, so as they are unable to establish a civil government and are unable to modernize their countries. They are unable and reluctant. But the fundamental mistake is that if the “international community” imposes a solution on our peoples (it does not matter to what extent pro-Armenian or pro-Azerbaijani), it will not lead to a peace, it will lead to new clashes and new enmity. Hence, Armenians and Azerbaijanis will eventually solve the Artsakh issue when they will have full and modern states.

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