By exclusion method

By exclusion method

Since I am often asked whom I will vote during the elections, and I was always sincere about it, now, not violating the tradition, I will present my position.  First, I must say that I am not giving a cosmic meaning to the elections, the state problems are not solved by the elections.  Secondly, none of the political parties and alliances is the apple of my eye.  Nevertheless, boycotting, spoiling the ballot, I think, is not a correct behavior.  It is necessary to make a positive voting and pick up one political party that is more or less close to you.

I will move on by the exclusion method, and right from the beginning, I will say why I have never thought to vote for the six political parties and alliances.  RPA, PAP and RoL parties are government, and the country is not in a position to vote in favor of the government.  I have a respect for ARF and the Communists for remaining loyal to their own ideas, however, these ideas, to put it mildly, are not close to me.  While the ORO … I do not have particular rational reasons for not including this alliance into my list of preferences, especially when I see the indisputable merits of Seyran Ohanyan, Raffi Hovannisian and Vartan Oskanian.  However, I feel a somewhat heavy, choking breeze from this Alliance, maybe it is the breadth of the second president. This is indirectly evidenced by “haylur-Kocharian” vicious aggressiveness in some of the websites belonging to ORO.

The “Yelq”, the “Congress-PPA” and the “Free democrats” parties are left.  The “Yelq” organized a very effective and interesting campaign, it certainly is a force with good perspectives, especially since the idea of creating one-party becomes a reality.  However, one of the leaders of the Alliance, Nikol Pashinyan, sometimes overuses a not normative vocabulary.  I understand that therewith he attracts 100 or maybe 1000 voters, “oh, knelt, spoiled, nagged.”  However, he loses 1-2 like me.  The political calculation, of course, is correct.

Congress performed itself perfectly last year in April and July, first, not trying to earn political dividends from the April war and then, definitely condemning the armed political struggle.  The drawback of the Congress is the cult of Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s personality, the blind faith of the “adepts” to the flawlessness of this truly prominent figure.  The morbid cult in some cases leads to intolerance and aggressiveness.

The “Free Democrats” party remains to which my wife and I decided to vote.  I will refer to the merits of this political party another time.  Here, I would like to emphasize that I am not calling on anyone to vote in one way or another.  And my personal choice no way affects the neutral and balanced coverage of the “Aravot”.  The past 23 years are the proof of it.


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