Observers see problems: ‘The voting not to proceed smoothly’

Observers see problems: ‘The voting not to proceed smoothly’

During the Parliamentary elections on April 2, an unprecedented number of observation mission will be carried out.  Said Lusine Hakobyan, the representative of the “Citizen Observer” initiative uniting several observation missions, at the press conference.  She explained that 3400 observers will be stationed in 1500 more polling stations, in other words, they will “cover” 75% of the polling stations.  As mentioned by Lusine Hakobyan, the initiative will also have 30 or more itinerant groups, and the observation mission center will have telephone operators and law specialists who will process the reports of the observers.

The representative of the initiative, Varuzhan Hoktanyan informed that they are carrying out monitoring of the overuse of administrative resources by the political parties during the campaign and the results will be announced in the near future.  Such monitoring is also conducted by the HCA Vanadzor office, whose representative and human right activist Arthur Sakunts has already registered a violation.  As mentioned by Sakunts, the report will be published soon.  Daniel Ioannisyan, the representative of the “Citizen Observer”, expressed a concern that the police have not carried out investigative operations regarding the alarms of the citizens on the distribution of electoral bribes.  In addition, according to Ioannisyan, the commissions’ working independently on the day of the election is under a question.  Given the mentioned problems, the head of the observation missions also expressed concern that the voting will not proceed smoothly.

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