‘Having 77 victims I do not call a loss:’ Ohanian about April war

‘Having 77 victims I do not call a loss:’ Ohanian about April war

The reporters asked a question to Seyran Ohanyan about the specific number of human losses in the war in April, and it was announced that the 800 hectares of land that we had lost were of no strategic importance, so whether we have a lot of such areas that do not have any strategic importance, anyway, we are losing soldiers for these territories.

Seyran Ohanyan’s response was noteworthy, “During the April 4 days, we had 77 victims, I repeat again I do not call it a loss because in reality we are not losing but finding the heroes who defend our country, Artsakh and the dignity of our people.  The other questions you can ask the current authorities.  The territories where the Azerbaijani armed forces are deployed is under the control of the Artsakh Defense Army and in necessary, under quick operations and firing or pressure and can be quickly restored.”

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