ORO, ANC, Communist Party and Free Democrats not to enter National Assembly: Gallup

ORO, ANC, Communist Party and Free Democrats not to enter National Assembly: Gallup

The findings of the social poll on parliamentary elections were announced at the press conference most recently.  The social poll was conducted by the Armenian Sociological Association and the BS/The Gallup Organization.

The survey was conducted from March 18 to 27, by visiting home and face-to-face.  The probability of error is + – 3.2 percent.

And thus, according to the survey, 50 percent of the voters will definitely participate in the elections, 35% responded that they would probably participate, 8% – probably will not.  The organizers claim that this is a very high rate of participation, in Europe it makes much lower percent.

And to the main question of which party you would vote for, the results show that the RPA will be the winner in the elections – 30 percent, although the “Tsarukyan” Alliance yields the RPA by only 1 percent – 29 percent.  According to the surveys, the “Yelq” will also enter the Parliament – 9%, ARF – 7%, ARP – 5 percent.  The rest, according to the surveys, will not enter the National Assembly for not being able to cross the threshold.  “Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian” alliance and the Congress-PPA will gain 4 percent of the votes, the “Free Democrats” and the Communist Party – 3 per cent.  The 2 percent has not yet decided whom to vote.

To the question of which party you would not vote at all, mostly they are against RPA – 18 percent.  However, the organizers claim that the number of discontented in these social conditions must be higher, this is a very good indicator for the ruling party. The number of respondents who would never vote for the Congress-PPA Alliance is 16 percent, the “Armenian Renaissance” Party – 13 percent, the “Yelq” – 11 percent, ORO – 10 percent.  The 3 percent of respondents are categorically against the “Tsarukyan” Alliance.

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