1.4% inflation in past 3 months. Petrol, banana, flour, cigarette, sugar price increases 

1.4% inflation in past 3 months. Petrol, banana, flour, cigarette, sugar price increases 

The prices of fuel, sugar, cigarette, flour, fruits and other foodstuff have increased during past three months. From January to March in general consumer market – in share market, 1.4% inflation has been recorded said Gurgen Martirosyan, the advisor of the president of the National Statistical Service. Pursuant to his representation and statistical data, sugar price has increased by 1.1% in 3 months of the current year, furthermore, in January by 0.6%, in February by 0.4%, in March by 0.1%.

Cigarette prices have gone up from January to March by 0.7%, in January by 0.1%, in February by 0.1%, in March by 0.5%. According to Martirosyan’s representation 0.3% inflation has been recorded in flour market, in February by 1.3%, but in March 0.7% price reductions have been recorded, the overall inflation of flour in three months has been 0.9%. As far as fuel prices are concerned, Martirosyan informed that in 2014 continuous price reductions were recorded in fuel market, and in 2017 – ongoing inflation: “Petrol prices in particular, during the three months of the current year, although there was a reduction in January by 3.3%, in February – 9.2% inflation, in March – 5.2% inflation. And from January to March 8.2% inflation is recorded.” Pursuant to NSS data 5.8% inflation has been recorded in banana market in March in comparison with February, but in March of the current year, as compared with March of the previous year, banana prices are low – 8.7%. What the inflation of the prices of the mentioned foodstuff is conditioned by, Martirosyan did not comment on, noting that NSS reports sole facts and does not make an observation.



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