To analyze the reasons 

To analyze the reasons 

Why did ORO alliance, having a strong team and being known as one of the leading candidates from the list, having people serving to the country, having rather solid financial means (significantly less than RPA-PAP, surely), perform at least lower than its opportunities gave it a chance. They have not spoken about this “formally” and one can only make assumptions. According to my impression, this alliance was somehow “broken” amid the campaigns. Perhaps the reason was Samvel Babayan’s imprisonment. By the way, ORO does not clarify even Samvel Babayan’s case whether he is a political prisoner or “Sasna Tsur”, or the prisoner of his conscience. During the past week, ORO leaders have not made any announcement on this issue. But there is no clarity as far as the leaders are concerned, maybe they have changed and distinguished Seyran Ohanyan, Raffi Hovhannisyan and Vartan Oskanian lead the alliance no more and similarly respected Armen Martirosyan and Hovsep Khurshudyan have taken this role. This change is ordinary, they simply need to announce.

And now, if the reason for the “disappointment” was Samvel Babayan’s imprisonment then we should presume that the main source of the financial means was him exactly or he was an intermediator who transferred the money from the source. Mr. Babayan’s interviews spoke in favor of this assumption, during which he publicly noted that he had excluded this or that figure from the list of the alliance.

However, if these assumptions are correct there is another reason for the failure, I believe, three reasons namely: 1. Vartan Oskanian was not sufficiently active as an MP in past 5 years, 2. Seyran Ohanyan had too short time to perform as an opposition, 3. Raffi Hovhanisyan, pursuant to the viewpoints of a lot of people, had adopted not so persuasive behavior after the presidential elections in 2013.

I do not speak of the bribes through which, assuredly, RPA-PAP received the majority (yes, the majority though one will be named an authority and the other – an opposition presumably). Regardless of these conditions “Yelq” was able to receive 122.049 votes and ORO 32.504 votes. This is a regrettable result for ORO. But it is necessary to understand and analyze the reasons of the results, and for that, you need to be strict and demanding to yourself. It is much easier to suspect “Yelq” as if that bloc has some “shadow agreements”. When you lose it is much easier to say “the game is sold out” then to admit you are a weak player.

From here emanates ОRO – “Yelq” ugly dispute. I think “Yelq” is the one to put a full stop on it. The one achieving a relative success, he exactly is to be more forgiving and tolerant.



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