RPA-ARF elites negotiate

RPA-ARF elites negotiate

Armenian Revolutionary Federation leaders conduct meetings and negotiations with Republican Party of Armenia in power, ARF faction leader Armen Rustamyan reports.

The negotiations are aimed at taking RPA-ARF cooperation into a new platform. “I suppose, the cooperation which you are informed about should proceed forasmuch as it was termless eventually, is not conditioned by any format and the issues reported in the cooperation, the essential part of them is not solved”, told Armen Rustamyan.

ARF faction leader tells they are sufficed with the results of parliamentary elections: they have made a progress. ARF is contented with the cooperation with RPA alike. He regards the nullification of the elections in Parpi to be exactly due to their cooperation and working from within. He says – we conjointly came to the mentioned conclusion, inasmuch as the elections disgraceful, evident, outrageous and guided to that extent could not be considered normal.

To the viewpoint that the conscious mass leaves the country and the mass remains which demands vote-buying itself and that ARF cooperates with the force “elected” by exactly the same mass, Armen Rustamyan referred: “The solution of these issues is possible solely through cooperation. The results of these elections prove the mentioned. The lavishly speaking forces as if they do not cooperate, where are they now?” By the way, he regards these elections to be a very opportune chance to “get rid of the lavishly speaking people.”



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