‘Mandate’ denotes assignment

‘Mandate’ denotes assignment

Frankly speaking, I do not imagine Nikol Pashinyan in Yerevan City Mayor’s position. It seems to me he can do much more useful things in MP’s position.

But the facts brought forth in these elections of Yerevan City Council against Nikol, do not persist any criticism. “He is not from Yerevan” accusation is totally absurd. I even do not know what “from Yerevan” expression means. Probably it is a provincial-philistine label through which some brainless guys try to self-sustain.

Yerevan is the capital of all Armenians. Also mine, despite the circumstance that my parents were not born and raised in Yerevan, and and I do not now live in Yerevan. The second consideration against Nikol Pashinyan implying that he does not have experience of administering a community can bear significance partly solely. Eventually, not-experienced people can precisely control people with experience.

I assume that “Yelq” will have a heavy presence in Yerevan City Council. One mandate will have “Yerkir Tsirani” as well, for, as already known, in the event of this arrangement, no “passable number” will be in place. It remains that these three forces actively work in the City Council.

It does not seem to me relevant to be chosen and not to take the mandates, as “Congress” did in 2009. Inasmuch as how in the parliament, as well as in the City Council, even being a minority, one can achieve a lot of things. Simply mandate should be viewed as not the assessment of your personal virtues (honorary titles of People’s Artist exist for that), but literally. “Mandatum”, as translated from Latin, means assignment, order.

All members of “Heritage” faction were working exactly pursuant to this principle during the 4th session of the National Assembly. This is how the most part of ANC faction worked in the “leaving” parliament, as well as Edmon Marukyan, Tevan Poghosyan, and others. This is how Anahit Bakhshyan does her job in the Council. Now, pursuant to new laws, parliament and City Council will create larger opportunities. And not to think as majority does, is not that bad. I know it from my personal experience.



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