‘One offers diasporan fabric without penny, he does not take it’: garment factory owner

‘One offers diasporan fabric without penny, he does not take it’: garment factory owner

As we have informed you, due to the support of Swiss-Armenian businessman Vardan Srmakesh and Varagyan brothers, “Sastex” textile industrial factory will be established in Artik which will open about 400 workplaces for the residents of Artik and nearby villages.

However, a huge scandal was arisen regarding this issue in Artik, inasmuch as they intend to locate the factory in the building of school N. 4, in the centre. We have already alluded to the complaints of the teachers and parents, they are surprised that in Artik, full of empty and abandoned buildings, they have decided to take exactly the school building.

We went to the building of the factory of socks and stockings in Artik, it now has an owner – Yura Sahakyan. He told during the interview: “Due to the endeavors of our city mayor, diasporan businessman Christian Geliji has visited us with his group, we have had a discussion at place, he told – this is a huge factory, we cannot afford ourselves this much of expenses. He tried to find a smaller production area in Artik. I have suggested giving this whole building to him in 4-year term without rental fee, I should say that all utilities of the building are preserved, power substations, gas, water supply, everything is preserved.”

To our question why the diasporan businessman does not partly utilize the building, the owner replied: “ask him”. To our question whether they are greedy enough, our interlocutor answered cunningly smiling: “I have no clue, they do calculations, he told this is a huge industrial building, this requires a lot of expenses.” The owner is confident that his building is the best one in organizing light industry, it has all facilities. We talked about this also with the city mayor of Artik – Mkhitar Varagyan, asking why they do not want to use the former building of sock and stocking factory when it is given for free, whether it is necessary to close a school to establish a garment factory. “Ask this question to “Sastex” corporation, I believe the conditions of the building are not sufficient to them, therefore – ask them”, told Mkhitar Varagyan.



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