‘It gives me pleasure’

‘It gives me pleasure’

Why do Sasi-Artak and the ones like him want to become a member of the parliament? Evidently enough they are not interested in legislative work, they are not capable of pronouncing any sentence expressing a total thought.

Those personages will either never come to parliament or will sit there for 5 years without uttering a word. You will say – they need to protect their property, receive an immunity, etc. If they do such calculation then they are perfect fools, forasmuch as the experience shows – to accept them and then to throw out into the street is a 5-minute business.

And I, however badly treat those so called “entrepreneurs”, do not think they are foolish, they assuredly possess everyday wit and cunningness. Therefore, the reasons should be searched within “spiritual” aspect. And “spiritual” is summed up in a brief expression to them “gives me pleasure”. From their perspective there is some bandit “show-off” in having a parliamentary mandate. And for that, in essence, pointless caprice they are ready to be humiliated and humiliate others. The recording of one of the sessions of Sasi-Artak’s pre-electoral team (“vote-bringers”) is spread on the internet.

The “headman” or “centurion” properly “electrifies” his subordinates threatening to fire them, most presumably from “SAS Group”, in case they bring few votes. It seems to me there is something criminal in here, anyway: one cannot condition his employment relations by how much his hired employer satisfies his “political” ambitions. But the issue is still deeper: throughout pre-electoral period suchlike sessions have been invited in hundreds of offices – private corporations, schools (which is proven), hospitals, district authorities, etc. What “to bring a vote” means, we know very well alike. And the essential part here is not the threats of the “headman”, but the silence of the submissive mass. Solely a slave in nature can have the desire to enslave. Slave humiliates “headmen” and “centurions”, and they – their subordinates, in turn. “It gives me pleasure”.

Where so many slaves from? Difficult to answer. Remember Dovlatov’s words? “We unceasingly swear on comrade Stalin and, of course, fairly. Nevertheless, let me ask – and who has written 4 million pasquinades.”


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