‘Village club level encouragements’: ‘Yelq’ bloc representative on ‘SAS Group’ pre-electoral meeting

‘Village club level encouragements’: ‘Yelq’ bloc representative on ‘SAS Group’ pre-electoral meeting

“Pressures were put on the employees via the best traditions of South Korea – rebukes, shames, encouragements of village club level”, opined “Yelq” bloc representative Arayik Harutyunyan referring to the scandalous recording of the pre-electoral meeting of the employees of “SAS Group” which belongs to the member of the parliament and Republican Party of Armenia – Artak Sargsyan.

Let us remind you that pursuant to the recording, the employees are rebuked for not bringing votes to Artak Sargsyan from RPA, are imposed to bring votes, and the ones bringing a series of votes are promised a trip to Paris.

“This should be diminished, these elections are an occasion to us to show a real alternative to RPA, for people not to be made to hear the rebukes and shame-on-yous of SAS’s Artak’s and other headmasters”, told Arayik Harutyunyan. Addressing the vote-buying of the elections, he opined that vote-buying is the result of the lack of the real political say or the result of the impossibility to transmit that say to the citizen: “If the citizen sees a precise alternative, s/he votes, as in parliamentary elections we should try to reach the other voters by virtue of our insight, which requires resources enough, but we will try to reach.”



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