To analyze own faults

To analyze own faults

It is a truth repeated for manifold times – if a person, an organization or a nation seeks the reason of his/her failures in others, then those failures will proceed. For example, I have not studied good English throughout my lifetime. In the morning I am lazy enough to do .exercises. Also – I smoke sometimes. Also – I enter facebook without a necessity. Who is to blamed for this? The system? Baghramyan 26? External adversaries? But in that case I will have no chance to ever correct these, as well as a lot of other flaws of mine, inasmuch as for that my personal daily endeavors are required. There are things that we can or cannot do, isn’t it?  The choice is ours.

The same in inner life. It is evident to me, that the authorities have won in the last elections due to vote-buying and administrative resources, so called – hundreds of SAS’s Artaks. But this does not give an answer to the following question – and why did the opposition loose?

Pursuant to the official data, “Congress-PPA” alliance has received 29.950 votes and ORO – 32.508 votes (intentionally bringing forth the numbers of the “displeased”). How I understand, the representatives of these political forces do not insist that they have received more votes and those votes were stolen from them: they say the Republican Party of Armenia has somehow increased his votes for hundreds of thousands. I do not want to dispute this statement, though, for example, when it is said that they have voted from 100 thousand non-existing addresses, then it is preferable to bring an example 10 of them at least.

But let us not go deep into that issue and suppose the half million of 770.441 votes of RPA has been falsified in some unknown way. 270.441 votes remain. Will it add to “Congress-PPA’s” and ORO’s votes? Assuredly not. Therefore, those two political forces should think about the votes they received, analyze. That is – what they were to do but did not. Suchlike analysis is not apparently conducted. This, in turn, puts the future of these two political forces under question. And, the opposite, makes “Yelq” more promising which is the owner of its 122.065 votes.

The same is, certainly, in the international platform. Not a sole Turk, Azerbaijani, Russian or American makes us be filled with envy or jealousy towards them, our officials show-off their castles, or us cut trees in Davtashen. There is an issue of option here as well. And Turks have nothing to do with it.


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