SAS’s Artak’s issue probably to be discussed in RPA executive body sitting

SAS’s Artak’s issue probably to be discussed in RPA executive body sitting

The head of the Republican Party faction Vahram Baghdasaryan during the press conference referred to the leaked recording of the SAS’s Artak, deputy of National Assembly, founder of “SAS group” Artak Sargsyan. Vahram Baghdasaryan refused to comment on that saying he has not examined the material.

He said that the recording is quite long, and he hasn’t heard it: “I was informed, but I haven’t examined it in details. I suppose it would be examined whether the MP candidate was aware of that meeting or no. I also will examine it in details and will refer to it in the near future.”

To the question, if it is revealed that Artak Sargsyan was aware of the meeting if he should put down his mandate, Vahram Baghdasaryan answered: “I can’t assess without examining it.”

Journalists asked whether Vahram Baghdasaryan does not exclude that the meeting could be held without Artak Sargsyan’s awareness, he answered: “I don’t exclude anything in politics. Nowadays media is resourceful, they could do some tricks.”

Vahram Baghdasaryan added that in case it is needed the Republican party of Armenia could hօld a sitting of executive body and discuss the issue.

There are some points of view that the recording is leaked intentionally, as RPA doesn’t need Artak Sargsyan anymore, he brought views to the party and that is the reason why the recording is revealed right now. Journalists asked Vahram Baghdasaryan to refer to this viewpoints: “There are no squabbles in the Republican party. Maybe some other forces intentionally do this.”




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