Several legislative obstacles for the observers to submit a complaint

Several legislative obstacles for the observers to submit a complaint

Lusine Hakobyan, “Citizen-Observer” initiative member at, head of the “Union of Informed Citizens” NGO, during a press conference, informed that 50 complaints concerning the decisions of 17 regional commissions were submitted to the Central Electoral Commission.

Referring to the obstacles Lusine Hakobyan said, “One of the obstacles is that it is not possible to submit a complaint via email or the complaints must be presented to the election day till 10 pm, at 12-6 pm on the following day, at 09-11 on the third day.

This means that almost no complaints can be submitted on the first day. The mandatory requirement to attach copies of certificates of observers has created a real nightmare, we had 3,000 observers, and it’s a time-consuming and serious problem to attach all those copies of certificates to every complaint, taking into account the fact that the CEC has the list of both the organizations and observers. On the first day, we were not able to submit a complaint. It took several days for the local commissions to investigate all those complaints. Local committees were doomed to inaction, no session was convened. They sat waiting for the CEC to create templates for complaints, to distribute them, to convene their sessions in 6-7 of the month and read them. ”

Mrs. Hakobyan complained that they were notified one or half an hour before that the session be convened in the hope that their lawyers will not be able to attend these sessions.

Lusine Hakobyan said. “It’s fact that district electoral commissions act as CEC regional branches.”

Turning to the observation of OSCE/ODIHR that violations have not seriously affected the election results, Lusine Hakobyan said that the OSCE/ODIHR had more than two hundred observers who were in the precinct for 10 minutes, and it is not possible to understand the picture of the elections. “I’ve been a translator for an observation mission like this where the driver was from prosecutor’s office and was reporting information, and when we were reaching the station, everything was wonderful.”






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