Armen Amiryan: ‘Who if not Megall?’

Armen Amiryan: ‘Who if not Megall?’ inquired from Armen Amiryan, the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, by which principles the representatives of Armenia in the Venice Biennale have been selected, especially those who have nothing to do with Armenia and with the nowadays established culture in Armenia.

In response, Amen Amiryan expressed his doubt on whether they knew who the participants were. He mentioned “Does Poghosyan have any relation with Armenia? Does Rafael Megall have any relation with Armenia…? But who has, if not Megall, then who?”

We insisted that they have nothing to do with the culture established nowadays in Armenia. In response to this the minister told, “Megall is an artist raised in Armenia, Poghosyan is the benefactor of the “Lovers’ Park” and someone who is also composing, only Miro Persolya has nothing to do with Armenia: he is a participant to represent Armenia as a guest”.


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