Role of young Republican guards clarified

Role of young Republican guards clarified

According to politician, deputy director of the “Caucasus” Institute Sergey Minasyan, the most serious political struggle after the parliamentary elections on April 2, is between different wings of the Republican Party.

Referring to the upcoming political developments: changes in the government or the formation of new government, Sergey Minasyan said, “I do not think there will be changes on the highest level, but there will be plenty of new faces on the average level, because the young guards are quite significantly presented in the RPA after winning the elections. Now it is natural that the role of that young guard is clarified”.

Through these changes, according to the politician, the president Serzh Sargsyan, in fact, prepares for the developments after losing his power in a year. The politician also spoke about the foreign political developments in any way affecting or involving Armenia’s interests, particularly, about the appointment of an Armenian representative as the Secretary General in the CSTO, and about the referendum on constitutional reform in neighboring Turkey at last weekend.

In response to the question of about the possible influence of the expected developments, which aim to make Turkey a strong presidential monarchical state, in the result of these amendments, on the Armenian living in that country, the politician answered, “There will be an uneasy situation in Turkey for a long time, largely because the public does not accept the results of the referendum. Therefore, one way or another it will affect the Armenian community and Armenians who live and work there. The politician predicts that the referendum will cause substantial difficulties in Turkey-EU relations, whereas good relations with the EU stem from the interests of national minorities living in Turkey. And finally, according to the expert, if Erdogan succeeds to pass to the presidential system of government, it will further worsen relations between Turkey and neighboring countries, including Armenia.



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