‘Yelq’ spontaneously formed bloc still needs to be refined’: Zaruhi Postanjyan

‘Yelq’ spontaneously formed bloc still needs to be refined’: Zaruhi Postanjyan

During the press conference, journalists asked the candidate of the mayor of Yerevan, the leader of the “Yerkir Tsirani” party Zaruhi Postanjyan whether she sees any possibility to cooperate with “Yelq” in the city hall.

She replied: “There are individuals involved in “Yelq” whom I know personally, and of course, there will be a chance to cooperate with those people on some issues. But I must say that we are going to take up the city hall. In response to the question, as what the weak and strong sides of her main competitors Taron Margaryan and Nikol Pashinyan are, Zaruhi Postanjyan said, that not these names but the RPA is their main target: “The RPA has made all the abuses, which are destructive, and which have made the RA absolutely vulnerable.” As far as “Yelq” and the union of the opposition is concerned, Zaruhi Postanjyan said, that when the powers are united for a small issue, it leads to failure, “To fight with people who do not hold the same ideas is not effective.

First of all, “Yelq” is a spontaneously formed bloc, which still needs to be refined. I am not sure if eventually they will become one joint political power or not. Representatives of different political powers are involved there, who hold different approaches, therefore they are different, they are not conjoint. And our approaches, our philosophy, and our projects are generally different from any other projects of the powers that have been in the field during recent 25 years. The core of our main goal is that we engage our transboundary people in our policy, that they directly take part in our political activities”.


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