Facts and Myths

Facts and Myths

There are facts and there are myths. The formers are taken from life, the latter from various places, particularly from meaningless discussions on web and Facebook. Let me give a few examples of mythology. If the representative of Armenia was not chosen as the CSTO Secretary General the titles of sites would contain roughly the following content: “Another slap in Armenia by its “allies””. But as Khachaturov filled the post, the titles were different, “Another way to humiliate Armenia is found”.If there is a desire to say something negative, moreover to say it without any mental efforts, a reason can always be found.

Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan is going to present a report on different types of illegalities committed by the police in July last year: arresting people without a reason, keeping citizens in the regiment of the internal forces, targeted attacks on journalists, improper use of special means, etc. But, according to some “Facebook activists” this is little. Ombudsman must write: “Bravo to “Sasna Tsrer” rebellion and rebellious people joining them” in his report. There is no sense in those exclamations, especially if the Ombudsman shouts them out. Instead, the sense is in the glorification of the armed political struggle, and in the “trend” of making up legends about it.

The Minister of Cultural Affairs Armen Amiryan says, that if there was a restaurant in the Opera, it would be only for Opera visitors, if a sauna was built, it would be only for the artists, so they would always be in a good “fit”. The “Armenian community of Facebook” either does not understand what the minister means, or pretends not to understand, and sneers, “let’s go to the Opera to have a piece of kebab”, or “let’s take baes and go to the Opera sauna”. It is a campaign, which does not want to face facts. When things are said in the air, only to look as a “courageous opposition”, their impact is equal to zero, someone will say those, will fume, and will go off.

Conversely, when there are facts, there is no need to make up legends around them. The illegal work done for the RPA by the heads of schools and kindergartens is a fact, the “SAS group” meeting is a fact. And the government cannot do anything against those facts, even if it sues the information distributors. The more we find such facts, the better. This we cannot say for the conversations talked in the air.


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