“Tsarukyan team insulted as promised more”: Hranush Kharatyan

“Tsarukyan team insulted as promised more”: Hranush Kharatyan

Ethnologist Hranush Kharatyan finds if the Russian Federation puts a question to affiliate Armenia to RF in governorate status, the will to resist it will not formulate amongst RA residents. Hranush Kharatyan thinks that gradually the media becomes more constrained: “Our opportunities to choose are gradually limited in line with the freedom of speech. This is violence, what schools have done – is also a type of violation, the case of Jrarat, SAS’s Artak’s case.”

To the question why three forces are nominated in the City Council elections solely, Hranush Kharatyan replied: “Armenian Renaissance” still licks its wounds, I think, seeks for solutions to reach a situation with the Republican Party of Armenia, this is a group of people who need to be provided with a lever. I think that Tsarukyan’s team has an agreement with RPA on their opportunities and perspectives in the parliament at the moment. I think Tsarukyan’s team is somehow insulted, they were promised more than they hold presently in the parliament. This is from one side an insult pose, from the other – an agreement with RPA to partake in a great political leap, not in the elections of Yerevan City Council.”



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