‘“Yelq” an obscure project, not transparent’

‘“Yelq” an obscure project, not transparent’

“SAS’s case happened. They are enslaved, imprisoned, urbanized urban residents are enslaved, the freedom is over”, told former Member of Parliament Azat Arshakyan, comparing employer-employee relations with master-slave relations.

Addressing the newly formed National Assembly, he told that the parliament is cleared, there is not a sole independent person represented in the parliament to have voted against the Customs Union or the Eurasian Economic Union: “The parliament is cleared up and has become national in form and imperial in content. National Assembly is a parliament by form, and all are protégés by content, all those who have not voted against the Customs Union an EAEU, forasmuch as our will – the will of the Republic of Armenia citizens, have been announced and manifested in 1991. We have been independent by 95% and if there is no independent person in the National Assembly, it means the liberalization, the meltdown initiated by the Gorbachevians in the empire is over. We have come back to the status of a distant province, we are the distant province of the Russian Federation and have a protégé authorities from the bottom to the top. Let no one say he is different.”

As stated by Azat Arshakyan, “Yelq” is an inexplicable project, not transparent, “Tsarukyan” alliance is much more transparent than “Yelq”, it is not apparent whether they are satisfied with the elections or not, whether they have congratulated the Republican Party of Armenia or not. According to Mr. Arshakyan, the parties not passing into the parliament should be divided into two parts: the ones having not participated should be dissolved, the Ministry of Justice should deprive them of license, they should become a sect and the ones having partaken and gained low results, should entail a power shift, the leaders should be altered”.


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