Stepan Grigoryan: ‘I feel sorry for “Yelq” and Zaruhi Postanjyan to partake in this performance’

Stepan Grigoryan: ‘I feel sorry for “Yelq” and Zaruhi Postanjyan to partake in this performance’

Stepan Grigoryan, a political analyst and the president of “Globalization and Regional Cooperation” NGO, referring to the results of the parliamentary elections on April 2, said, “It was written in the law, will win the one having money.”

He means – the ranked system and those political parties participating in the elections having accepted the rules of the game, would win. Before the elections, the political analyst predicted that the “Republican Party of Armenia”, “Prosperous Party of Armenia”, “Armenian Revolutionary Federation” and the “Armenian Renaissance Party” would jointly take 85 percent of votes. Merely now he notices that the Renaissance Party simply did not stand the competition.

“As we had predicted the Republicans gained almost 60 percent. We are rapidly moving towards a one-party system. Compared to the Soviet period, the difference is that the one-party system is not fixed by Constitution. There are satellite parties, but one party to decide. We were not satisfied with the previous parliament, but at least there was an intrigue. However, today it is a miserable situation and there is no alternative”, said the political analyst. The latter believes that after the parliamentary elections and their results many considered it pointless to take part in municipal elections. By the way, it is stipulated in the Constitution that at least three forces should be presented in Yerevan City Council.  “I feel sorry that “Yelq” and Zaruhi Postanjyan are participating in this performance”, perorates Stepan Grigoryan.



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