Some observers likely to appear in blacklist as worked dishonestly

Some observers likely to appear in blacklist as worked dishonestly

According to the member of “Citizen Observer” initiative, the president of the “Europe of Law Association” NGO, lawyer Lusine Hakobyan, some of the observers of their initiative have likely not fulfilled their liabilities properly on April 2, during the parliamentary election day. At the moment the members of the initiative conduct inner observations to discover possible shortcomings.

“We have no information on the activities of some observers. Simultaneously, we have had various data, encompassing video records from various polling stations, where violations have been in place, but we simply do not know what our observers have done in those territories. Having certain doubts as if our observers have committed violations of Code of Ethics, particularly they have not been present in the polling stations during the whole day, as it is designed in our rules of conduct, according to which they have been trained and violations of other characters – we conduct our inner observations and will have interviews with those observers to find out what they have done in those polling stations where we had sent them to”, told Lusine Hakobyan to

The inner observation, as stated by her, will most likely be over in a week, after which the members of the initiative will make a respective announcement. Lusine Hakobyan did not exclude that in case they discover that the observers were dishonest, their names will appear in the blacklist: “We have always had those blacklists, we discuss the issue of lustration with member organizations of “Citizen Observer”, we have not made a decision on that issue yet.” To our question whether she had doubts that the dishonest observers have worked in the polling stations for the authorities, our interviewee replied: “We do not have suchlike data on the observers, there should be some information for us to have such doubts, at the moment we do not have such information.”



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