Olga Pavlenko: RF re-assesses Armenia’s role and significance

Olga Pavlenko: RF re-assesses Armenia’s role and significance

Armenia’s importance and significance have been re-estimated in Russia, believes the Vice-Rector of Russian State University for the Humanities Olga Pavlenko.

“In Russia, they now pay a great attention to the processes taking place in Armenia. We all are very well conscious that in Caucasus Armenia is one of the most important strategic partners of Russia. Therefore, both Russian political elite and the public is interested in all evolvements in Armenia”, told Ms. Pavlenko during the interview with Aravot.am, adding that pursuant to her reviews, Armenia’s role is now essential in Russian inner political evolvements alike.

The expert conditions this by the activization of the Eastern institutions aimed at the implementation of “color revolutions” as well. “If in Armenia such procedures develop alike, it will be the abolition of Russian great politics”, she told. In this context, our interviewee considers the activeness in business relations, particularly, the activeness of mutual business interests to be absolutely natural.

Aravot.am noted that Armenia proceeds to deepen its relations with EU which, mildly said, was not perceived as definite by the Russian Federation, and asked afterwards whether it does not annoy Russia. Ms. Pavlenko replied that this circumstance has played a significant role in re-estimating Armenia’s role by Russia as well.


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