Sergey Chernikovsky: “EU a predator”

Sergey Chernikovsky: “EU a predator”

Professor of Moscow State University Sergey Chernikovsky hesitates to foresee what impacts April 2’s parliamentary elections will have on the further development of Russian-Armenian relations.

“Life will show”, he told during the interview to, adding that it is already an achievement that Armenian elections passed quietly, without incidents, without post-election developments. He considers it normal that Armenia tries to develop its relations with the EU in parallel. According to him, it is another question that both in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia, the people responsible for the relations with EU should have known that they develop relations with a “predator”.

He regards the case of Ukraine the vivid example of the mentioned: “Ukraine’s destiny is Austria’s destiny, which was swallowed by Hitler in 1930s.” He is not against the development of the relations with all centers: “But one should know who the one standing before him is.” noticed that in Armenia they continue perceiving the fact that Russia sells out modern weaponry to Azerbaijan vaguely. The expert gave a big sigh adding that RF, unfortunately, proceeds to sell gas to Ukraine which, by his estimation, being occupied by the Western coalition, tries to conduct war against RF.


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