‘This is simply disregard towards citizen’: Yeghishe Petrosyan complains to Taron Margaryan

‘This is simply disregard towards citizen’: Yeghishe Petrosyan complains to Taron Margaryan

Aravot.am asked the founder of “Ardzaganq” studio, composer Yeghishe Petrosyan whether he was satisfied with the incumbent Mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan’s activities and as a Yerevan resident what disturbed him, what he was dissatisfied with.

He answered: “It is obvious that the mayor of Yerevan works, but whether it is enough or not, is the second part of the question. Authorities also do some things, but is it sufficient? I am not sufficed with the work of our authorities for our country, be it for Yerevan city, Gyumri or other issue related to our country. I am justly very discontented.”

To the question why Mr. Petrosyan is malcontent, he replied: “It seems they do not like this country. It is like a business environment where they “manifest themselves”.” We noted that Taron Margaryan assures that he loves Yerevan too much, and asked, whether he did not feel that love as a Yerevan resident. He answered: “Yerevan is impossible not to love. I cannot say how much he loves. It is apparent that some work is done, apart from everything, and is done better than yesterday. Another question is whether it is sufficient or not. The public transport is hopeless. The reason for all traffic jams is the irregular traffic of the public transport, they stop however they want, sometimes even in three rows. I have taken trolley and bus for several times during the same day, have passed one to two stops and let me say what I have seen – the corridor where people walk is clear, but beyond the benches, the bottoms of the windows, tops of the doors, it is obvious that not a sole wet cloth has touched them.

Now, how should we assess whether it is a good work or bad. This is simply a disregard towards the citizen. It is clear that Taron Margaryan may not see it, but some of his employees have failed, isn’t it? There are winners of transport itineraries, aren’t there? And they are responsible for check-outs. One can walk for kilometers in the street and not find a bin, in the condition of our sunflower seeds nibbling people, is it a shortcoming or not? They can put a bin, cannot they? The beautiful clock in front of “Moscow” cinema does not work for months. A question – why is that 3 meters high clock is put there? I am conscious that Paris is perfect, it is also facing serious shortcomings. But this is my city and I require more for our citizens.” To our question, whether he had a favorite in these еlеctions, he replied: “Here the elections are merely a curtain to cover the appointments made beyond them. And out of the elections, my sympathy is always with the opposition.”


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