Hayk Demoyan: Armenian Genocide museum receiving Turkish visitors daily

Hayk Demoyan: Armenian Genocide museum receiving Turkish visitors daily

On April 21, the annual accounting press conference of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institution in the museum’s conference hall took place. Hayk Demoyan, the director of the Museum-Institution, presented the work and achievements over the years. “This year is very important for us because it marks the 50th anniversary of the construction of the memorial. It became a symbol for the Armenians and the museum welcomes Turkish visitors almost every day.”

According to the director, the museum had an exhibition with 15 thousand visitors in Riga a year ago where unique pieces were displayed. “At the exhibition on April 23 we will have a separate table with exceptional samples brought from Europe, a series of photographs taken during the construction works. At the exhibition there will be valuable books from Daniel Varoujans personal library”, added the director of the museum. He also spoke about an important but disappointing fact, in the US capital Washington the building designed for the Museum of Genocide and funded by Cafesjian and Hovnanyan families was sold as it looked like a business plan with a derogatory outcome. It was bought by a real estate agency.



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