Armen Amiryan: ‘Triennal becomes  opportunity for Armenia to flourish’

Armen Amiryan: ‘Triennal becomes  opportunity for Armenia to flourish’

Armen Amiryan, the Minister of Culture, considers that Armenia not only intends to organize a triennial of the modern art, but also has means, opportunity and, the most important, people who are able to organize triennial.

“To organize a triennial of modern art means to make Armenia famous to the world of modern art. To make the Armenian artists known. To make Armenia a platform in the global world, where artists from different countries of the world can show their art and make Armenian culture known to the whole world”, said Armen Amiryan.

“This will become one of the important implements for our country, it will create traditions, and, what is important, they will proceed”, added the director of the Arts Council, Marine Hakobyan. “I hope, in addition to the Ministry of Culture, there will be individuals, organizations, which will understand the need to support the realization of triennials, because triennials will bring some economic activity in Armenia, and I think, that economic subjects and people will help the further activity of triennials”, added Armen Amiryan. According to Adelina Cuberyan von Fürstenberg, the occasion to organize triennial in Armenia was the “Golden Lion” award of Armenian stall during the exhibition in Venice.




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