Mukuchyan insists parliamentary elections in RA more than free, fair and transparent

Mukuchyan insists parliamentary elections in RA more than free, fair and transparent

The Chief of Staff of Congress-PPA Levon Zurabyan has mentioned in his speech during the discussion of the alliance’s appeal on nullifying the results of the parliamentary elections, as he had a feeling of deja vu: “In 2012 I was representing the ANC’s appeal at exactly the same hall of the Constitutional Court to nullify the results of the parliamentary elections. 5 years later we are in this hall with the same question.”

The president of the Central Electoral Committee Tigran Mukuchyan was asked whether he did not have a feeling of deja vu as he was in the same hall, with the same question. It turned out – he did not have a feeling of deja vu: “There is no such feeling, inasmuch as we deal with an appeal presently, which does not have any ties with any similar appeal. This is a groundless, an evidenceless appeal.”

Asked why there is no trust in the CEC, he replied that the CEC conducted its activities during these elections in such transparency and pursuant to the Electoral Code that there is no doubt left in anyone and the results of the elections are whatever is fixed.

We asked Mr. Mukuchyan whether he meant that the Congress-PPA alliance wants to add the number of pages and form an impression as if they have serious evidence by saying that the pages of the application are repeated. He answered: “You may draw conclusions for yourselves, I can say one thing – see the volume of the material represented to the Constitutional Court, but more than 90% of the documents were repeating, what is the aim? For days they were speaking of the evidence of manifold, a series of violence. Naturally, if you initially decide on the quantity of the evidence and then decide that you should collect evidence to fill them, this is my impression. Eventually, it appears what we have now.” Tigran Mukuchyan told that he is confident – the elections in the Republic of Armenia have passed more than freely, fairly and transparently.

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