Lori governor more than sufficed with election results

Lori governor more than sufficed with election results

The results of the parliamentary elections taken place on April 2 are still in the phase of discussion. Some political forces succeeded to comply with the quantity set, and some failed to enter the parliament. Lori governor Arthur Nalbandyan is satisfied with both the results of the elections and the post-election situation in Vanadzor.

“I am more than satisfied with the election results. Most importantly, they passed peacefully, there was not a negative post-election response. You witnessed the reaction of all political forces that participated in the electoral processes relative to the quality and level of the elections. This election was the best one amongst the previous ones. There is a progress and assuredly I am satisfied with the results very much.”

We mentioned that within the pre-election period vote-buying has been in place. The governor told: “Discourses of similar types commence before and after each election. On this part, I cannot say anything. Anyway, if that suited the reality, thank god, all respective structures operate in that direction and if they possess certain information, they can give it and our structures will draw out conclusions.”

Throughout the pre-election period, some principals have worked for the incumbent Republican Party, have recruited people to vote in favor of them. We asked whether similar lists have been represented to the governor of the province or the regional administration, but Artur Nalbandyan excluded: “Such thing is excluded in our province. No one can bring a sole example of such case, it is excluded.”






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