‘Yerevan municipality has state cars equal to parliament’: Alen Simonyan

‘Yerevan municipality has state cars equal to parliament’: Alen Simonyan

“Yelq” promise to reduce the number of municipality state cars by 70% in the scopes of their pre-electoral project of Yerevan municipal elections, as well as to optimize the staff list.

We asked the member of “Yelq” bloc, municipal candidate Alen Simonyan whether he had conducted a survey on how many state cars Yerevan municipality possesses and to what extent the staff list is exaggerated. Alen Simonyan replied: “Yes, we have examined and visualize, Yerevan municipality has state cars as many as the National Assembly does. Yerevan municipality has these many cars, now you say whether it is exaggerated or not when the state cars of the capital are equal to the number of the cars of the parliament of the Republic.”

Let us note, that the state cars of the parliament, that are used, are 69, 11 are in the balance. Recall, that Nikol Pashinyan had carried out an inquiry and found out that in Denmark, having 5.7 million population and 128 billion budget, the parliament had solely 23 state cars.


Hripsime JEBEJYAN    


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