Skull shape not important

Skull shape not important

The picture of another married couple of Armenian woman and African man appeared on Facebook and again the feast of “enlightened patriots” about “Armenian gene” started. People seriously claim that for example, there is an Armenian skull and not Armenian, perhaps not knowing that nearly 80 years ago German powers were bringing to life that thesis. They had definite models of skulls, the part of it was meeting “Aryan” standards, and the other part not. Therefore, one nation is of high level, and the others low, with all the consequences.

The “gene” is the same as there are some genetic codes with what nations differ, and that code turns out to should be kept in the “perfect purity”. Suppose, my genetic code was studied and it was found out that my gene coincides with Turk gene, does it have any impact on my activities? I speak and write Armenian, I am a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, I was born and will die in Armenia. Is it important or the results of genetic or “skull” testing? And let us take also the opposite case: suppose an Armenian, whose genes are “very clean” and his skull coincides with the highest standard of Aryan, but that Armenian has become a billionaire at the expense of poverty of his fellow citizens. But is he more useful for our society than “wrong” law-abiding citizen even with a Turkish gene?

In short, one thing that we should pay attention to is the person’s behavior in the society, and whether he is black or white, is he in a wheelchair or he walks, does he wear glasses or he has good eyesight, what “codes” are in his blood: all these are extremely minor. The collapse of Soviet Union except for positive results also had negative ones: practically the communication with other nations was interrupted. Not everyone has an opportunity to get out from monoethnic country’s borders at least for a week to see people of other nation, other religion, other culture, with another skin color. The “pent-up” is one of the reasons that people form absurd stereotypes and complexes.

If Armenian girl has chosen African husband, it is her own business. Only provincial and limited minded can discuss this issue. And like in other questions here also is required to go against the flow.



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