PM: “We are eager to see Tavitian foundation expand its activities in Armenia”

PM: “We are eager to see Tavitian foundation expand its activities in Armenia”

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan received a delegation from Tavitian Foundation, headed by Aso Tavitian, philanthropist, founder and president of the Foundation, and Adm. James Stavridis, Dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Greeting the guests, the Prime Minister thanked them for those educational programs supported by Tavitian Foundation, under which over 300 civil servants have been trained in international relations, economics, law and public policy.

“I highly value the cooperation with Tavitian Foundation and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. The Foundation enjoys great popularity in Armenia. The reforms and programs of the Government of Armenia are firstly aimed at enhancing efficiency in public governance. We are eager to see the Foundation expand its activities in Armenia and ensure the continuity of your programs,” the Head of Government said.

Karen Karapetyan introduced his government’s reform agenda, referring particularly to the modernization of the system of public administration, measures to improve business the environment, the activities of the Strategic Initiatives Center, which operates in the format of public-private partnership.

Thanking the Premier for appreciation of his foundation’s activities, Aso Tavitian said to be pleased with the pace of Tavitian Foundation supported programs, the results achieved and the skills of local specialists. “Tavitian Foundation seeks to foster Armenia’s development through educational programs. We are prepared to continue and expand the scope of the initiatives aimed at building capacity among young specialists,” he said.

The interlocutors exchanged views on the prospects and the vision of Armenia’s development, highlighting the role of education in defying challenges and the training of young specialists with broad worldview and thinking.

On behalf of his government, the Prime Minister expressed readiness to discuss any new programs and initiatives and possibly support their implementation.

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