Artsakh Ombudsman: We highlight the work with civil society

Artsakh Ombudsman: We highlight the work with civil society

It is already a year that Ruben Melikyan is appointed as the human rights defender of the Republic of Artsakh. During the press conference, he noticed that he was appointed after the April War.

He noted that the ombudsman office of Artsakh has priorities, the first of them is the problem of public awareness: “It is obvious in Artsakh that we not having all opportunities as our colleagues in the Republic of Armenia has, we need to fill that void.”

Ruben Melikyan added that they also highlight the work with the civil society: “From time to time we have held meetings with the civil society. The meetings became traditional and the game rules are already formed.

For the Artsakh ombudsman, third priority is the education: “It is a very wide problem, which develops very fast. We need to follow its steps.”

The next priority, according to Ruben Melikyan is the work with the closed structure: “We have here shortcomings, as we work mostly with penitentiaries, and we intend to pay attention to the other structures.”

The last priority is the work with the international organizations: “We have some particularities conditioned with the fact that Artsakh is not a recognized country, but we also have advantages. And we try to get connections and diplomatic pipes using those advantages.” 


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